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Little Buddy Radio Gilligan’s LPFM Station

Bob Denver aka Gillian Farewell - Little Buddy RadioIt’s been seven years since our little buddy sailed off into the ether.  But many aren not aware that Gilligan (Bob Denver) had a passion for radio.  Today September 4, 2012 marks seven years since his passing, but Little Buddy Radio lives on!

Denver was born in New Rochelle, N.Y., on Jan 9, 1935. He discovered acting while studying law at Loyola University in Los Angeles in the 1950s. While struggling to make it as an actor, he taught private school and worked for a time at a post office.

LPFM Radio Station Staffers Rescued in Rath of Hurricane Isaac

Radio Station Staff Rescued from Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac will be remembered for its heavy rains along the Gulf Coast. For Biloxi Mississippi low-power FM WQRZ-LP, which refers to itself as “Katrina Radio”, even a building nine feet off the ground wasn’t enough to stay dry. After eight inches of water filled the station, local emergency management officials were needed to rescue four WQRZ-LP volunteers. The Sun Herald reports the LPFM was honored by President Bush for its service after Hurricane Katrina.