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FCC Complaint Filed Against Manchester PD

FCC Commissioners CourtThe follow was sent in an email with the subject line “Wiretapping complaint” by Wallace Nolen to fccinfo@fcc.gov on August 15th, 2012.

[Nolen, by the way, is the admin of the new Vermont Cop Block offshoot.]

This writing shall constitute a formal complaint against the City of Manchester NH Police Department for failing to notify me that the department records most incoming calls on non-emergency telephone lines without either a beep tone or other verbal notification whatsoever that such call(s) are being recorded in violation of federal laws, regulations and/or FCC tariffs.

see: http://www.fcc.gov/guides/recording-telephone-conversations

I have placed over two dozen telephone calls where I was physically located in the State of Vermont (where I live) and about 4 telephone calls where was physically located in New Hampshire.  In all cases the calls were made from telephone numbers within the (802) area code so they knew or should have know that these were or may have been INTERSTATE CALLS.