A woman dressed up as a zombie

Zombie hack blamed on easy passwords

Zombie Emergency Alert Prank

Hackers broke into the emergency alert system at a Montana television station warning about zombies rising form the grave. Gayle King reports. (Source: CBS)

Warning: The United States is under attack by zombies. Hackers broadcast a Zombie Apocalypse message on several TV stations by breaking into equipment that authorities use to instantly transmit emergency broadcasts. FCC orders broadcasters to make passwords more secure. This one is worth sharing. 😀

Poor password security paved the way for hackers to broadcast a bogus warning on television networks, saying that the United States was under attack by zombies, broadcasters said.

Cyber security experts said the equipment the hackers broke into remained vulnerable to further breaches, and that hackers could potentially take control of the equipment to prevent the government from sending out public warnings during an emergency.

Fans participate in 'Zombie Walk: San Diego' during Comic-Con International 2012

Following the attacks Monday on a handful of TV stations, the government ordered broadcasters to change the passwords for the equipment that authorities use to instantly transmit emergency broadcasts through what is known as the Emergency Alert System, or EAS.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would not comment on the attacks, but in an urgent advisory sent to TV stations on Tuesday, the agency said: “All EAS participants are required to take immediate action.”

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