Today’s Dot Com’s are Clueless

Another arrogant website begins the suicide mission. I’ll be honest – I don’t understand reddit – but I understand it a bit more than pinterest. However, the value of either of these services is questionable to me. I had begun sharing links on reddit, but I am greeted with a captcha to solve everytime. Since I am saving to several sites every-time I add an article, that’s just a pain. Next I may publish several articles in one setting – pinterest doesnt like that and after the first article ip wants me to wait an hour. And even longer after the second. Now I havent posted anything in two days – yet it says I’ve posted too many links recently! Now – maybe I have this all wrong, but isnt that the entire purpose of reddit? People post links and information so that others can comment and discuss? I am likely to pull the reddit sharing button from my websites as it currently seems absolutely useless . I most definitely am going to stop trying to post links to new content if I am met with these road blocks every-time. What are they thinking? And its not just reddit – today’s dot coms seem completely mindless and clueless. They are started with large reserves of other people’s money and the developer quickly either leaves or becomes so arrogant, no one wants to use the site. I dont see good things on the horizon for reddit. Btw – this sort of thing is finally catching up with paypal – look for an article on that soon with comments from the new president of Paypal.