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Paypal You Suck – “If We Suck … We Now Face It”

David Marcus Paypal President March 2012PayPal President David Marcus responded to mounting criticism from customers by promising that things are changing at the online payments company.

 “There’s a massive culture change happening at PayPal right now,” Marcus said. “If we suck at something, we now face it, and we do something about it.”

Marcus’s response was prompted by a blog post written by a customer earlier in the week, who was outraged after funds were frozen in his account. The post was then listed on Y Combinator’s Hacker News site, where it attracted dozens more comments — mostly negative. The original post, written by Elliot Jay Stocks, a small business owner, was titled “Good riddance, PayPal.”

Today’s Dot Com’s are Clueless

clueless businessman trying to fix his computer with pliersAnother arrogant website begins the suicide mission. I’ll be honest – I don’t understand reddit – but I understand it a bit more than pinterest. However, the value of either of these services is questionable to me. I had begun sharing links on reddit, but I am greeted with a captcha to solve everytime. Since I am saving to several sites every-time I add an article, that’s just a pain.