San Remo, Sulphur Springs, TX – Nasty Italian Restaurant – Obnoxious Staff

Be careful where you eat

I have been to the restaurant a few times over the years. It is the only Italian restaurant in the area. Their attitude has always been flippant and the food just ok. This past weekend 8/11/12 we took a friend to eat here. Again the borderline rude attitude prevailed. We all ordered salads. When the salad arrived I ate a few bites then noticed a long blonde hair in the salad. We sent all the salads back as we had lost our appetite for the salads at that point. A few minutes later the main dishes arrived. They were ok – but my chicken was not done thoroughly – but I ate around the poorly cooked area.

I am not one to normally complain about something in a restaurant. When the bill arrived they had removed ONE of the salads from the bill. We asked for the other two to be removed and the waitress response was “what was wrong with them?”. Well the came out of the same container that the other salad with the hair came out of, and frankly we’ve lost our trust in the cleanliness of the restaurant. It might be safe to eat the cooked food, but something cold is a gamble. The salad dressing was horrible anyway. They told us vinaigrette, but it was more of a the red french dressing for kids. What kind of Italian restaurant doesn’t have Italian salad dressing? From across the restaurant I gazed up a set of vinegar and oil shakers, but these weren’t offered. We asked for the other two salads to be removed.

The manager came out who again asked what was wrong with the salads. She went further to state that no one there had blonde hair, but added my wife did. As she says this I am looking at a blonde haired woman in the back who I believe is one of the owners. Clearly this is where the hair came from. Some words were exchanged and a loud scene led by the manager ensued.

We were more embarrassed for them and the other customers than the manager, my wife paid with Cash minus a tip to cover the salads and horrendous handling of the situation. But it doesn’t cover the horrible / shocking experience. The manager also said that she had a bug in her food in a Dallas restaurant and all they gave her was 10% off! I wasn’t asking for a free dinner – I just didn’t want to pay for food we could not safely eat. Not only did she expect us to pay full price (which is what we intended) but also pay for the food with hair in it. She did not see this as a major problem at all and seemed surprised we didn’t just pull out the hair and eat it anyway. This restaurant needs to be closed down by the heath department, unfortunately Sulphur Springs does not have such enforcement. My advice is to stay far away from this place for your own safety.