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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate DayIt be just a matter o’ a smatterin’ o’ HOURS now! Prepare to unleash yer PIRATTITUDE on an unsuspectin’ world!  International Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming – THIS WEDNESDAY! What are YE doin’!?! Check out our map for piratical doin’s near ye!

Easy tip number one, if you want to talk like a pirate: Add “me hearties” to the end of any sentence.

Mark Summers, aka Cap’n Slappy, left, and John Baur, known as Ol’ Chumbucket, created Talk Like a Pirate Day.

The meaning is simple — “my friends, my mates” — said John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur, before offering as way of example, “Turn your head and cough, me hearties. Or, fill it up with regular, me hearties.”


Today’s Dot Com’s are Clueless

clueless businessman trying to fix his computer with pliersAnother arrogant website begins the suicide mission. I’ll be honest – I don’t understand reddit – but I understand it a bit more than pinterest. However, the value of either of these services is questionable to me. I had begun sharing links on reddit, but I am greeted with a captcha to solve everytime. Since I am saving to several sites every-time I add an article, that’s just a pain.


A Book That Shows Every Color Imaginable

Color Space Color BookRegardless if you are a designer or not, having all the existing colors bound in your bookshelf would look quite impressive. A New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach presented a 8 x 8 x 8-inch cube book, that contains the complete RGB color scheme page by page.

The binding of the cube was designed by the author herself in collaboration with Daniel E. Kelm. The book with the digital offset prints and an airbrushed cloth cover makes a beautiful 3D reference of the whole pallet of colors in existence.



Frozen Smoke – Solid Air – Aerogel Brick

Aerogel Brick - Frozen Smoke - Solid AirThis picture is of a 2.5kg brick supported by a piece of aerogel, the worlds lightest solid material. This particular piece weighs in with a mass of 2 grams.

Aerogel is nicknamed ‘frozen smoke’ or ‘solid air’, due to the fact that it is composed of 99.98% air by volume. Aerogels are a diverse class of amazing materials with properties unlike anything else known. They exhibit the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid, and are the lowest density structural materials ever developed.


$10 Gas?

10 Dollar GasGas is already high enough as it is… Every time we drive past those signs, we all let out a little sigh.

But we haven’t seen anything like what the folks in New Jersey saw.

Drivers did a double take when they saw the posted price of gas at some local stations, showing nearly $10 a gallon.  The owners of nearly 50 Lukoil gas stations across the state were angry over something called “zone pricing”. That’s when a refinery sells fuel at different prices to gas stations, depending on location and customers.  Franchisees wanted to draw attention to it, and are fighting back against their parent company.