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Shiver Me Timbers

“I’m not giving up, because this is about the truth,” said Deborah Stevens, the public voice behind the station

How Pussy Riot Became P***y Riot: The FCC’s Sexual Obscenity Rules Are Bullshit

When George Carlin released his famous monologue, “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television,” in 1972, it didn’t include the word “pussy.” Although his list didn’t reflect all the words you couldn’t say on TV at the time, the ones he…

Jones Bacon Flavored Soda Review

“So we finally met a couple of guys just as crazy as we are…Dave and Justin from J&D’s Foods the creators of Bacon Salt. We all put our heads together a few months ago and WHAMMO…Bacon Soda was born.” From Jones Soda Website.

We gave the Jones Bacon Flavored Soda a try at Watch the video to see how it tastes. Check it… You can snag this at

CircuitLab – online schematic editor & circuit simulator

Sketch, simulate, and share schematics. For Students & Educators Draw and print beautiful schematics for lab reports. In-browser simulations make it easy to quickly learn electronics concepts via just-for-fun playing and guided exploration. Our tools complement undergraduate and graduate electrical…

FCC Complaint Filed Against Manchester PD

The follow was sent in an email with the subject line “Wiretapping complaint” by Wallace Nolen to on August 15th, 2012. [Nolen, by the way, is the admin of the new Vermont Cop Block offshoot.] This writing shall constitute a formal…