Month: September 2012

FM or TV System Gain-Loss Calculations – TPO for ERP, Coax System & Antenna Gain.

Nexus Broadcast has added a new free tool to help you calculate your FM or TV System Gain/Loss Calculations including TPO for ERP, Coax System & Antenna Gain

Blood Infection Treatments to be Discovered Using Crowdsourcing

By creating a crowdsourcing game, researchers and Foldit founders hope be able to better treat this disease. The crowdsourcing function could potentially allow for more solutions in a more efficient way.

LPFM Radio Station Staffers Rescued in Rath of Hurricane Isaac

After eight inches of water filled the station, local emergency management officials were needed to rescue four WQRZ-LP volunteers.

Shiver Me Timbers

“I’m not giving up, because this is about the truth,” said Deborah Stevens, the public voice behind the station